June 18th, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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Have spent lovely summer day in house with sick son and sick cat. Am going UTTERLY EFFING BONKERS. No news on either front: one vet is waiting for the other vet for a consultation about gallstones, son's pox are fading slowly but he still can't be taken to a pool or anything. Saturday we are supposed to go to the Maryland shore and if this doesn't happen there will be gnashing of teeth that can be heard as far as Chicago. I wrote an incredibly sucky review of "The Enemy Within" because I was so distracted and will undoubtedly get piles of mail this week telling me what an insipid airhead I am. Also my editor is out of town and dumped a bunch of articles on me for the weekend...I've been insane enough this week, have major family stuff going on this weekend which hopefully everyone will be well enough for, and something is going to have to give...

Yeah. Grouchy. Wanted to watch some big musical tonight but kids were playing some loud game in living room and I couldn't get at the TV. Finally folded laundry while watching Dawson's Creek just because it never fails to make me smile, and realized that Joey Potter will always be the real Katie Holmes to me, no matter what shit she is pulling now to be rich and famous. And I read somewhere that Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger are having a baby -- I like both of them and it makes me happy when celebrities I like date each other, except then I figure they'll inevitably break up like Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher did and I'll be sad about it, so maybe I am better off following the couples I can't stand; waiting patiently for the Cruise-Kidman inferno, for instance, paid off very nicely, though at that point they had kids so I couldn't even be pleased about it.

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Younger son's violin teacher is going on vacation for the entire month of July, so we realized that we had better buy a chromatic tuner, as neither apaulled's nor my sense of pitch is strong enough to tune by ear and we want him to practice during the month she's away. I should have taken violin lessons with him! I say again, no matter how many phones Russell throws, I will always be grateful to him and Jack Aubrey for my son's violin. In other good news, I found a Corey Hart CD for $3 on half.com so I can have "Never Surrender" and "Everything in My Heart" (if I ever mention either of these songs and fanfic in the same sentence please smack me), and apaulled found the one Clannad CD we don't own in the public library and now I have the theme from The Dolphin Connection. Yep...planning to have fun this weekend, one way or another. Hope everyone else is too.

One of the deer that far too often can be seen at the outskirts of our neighborhood. There is so much new construction that the deer must cross major roads to reach the waterways, so we get to see lovely sights like this on the way to the grocery store, but we also see far, far too many hit by cars.