June 20th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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I am behind on everything but have had a perfectly lovely weekend with lots of tall ships and water and fun with my kids. Sunday we went to the Alexandria Red Cross Waterfront Festival, where the schooner Sultana (a replica of a 1767 ship from Boston) and the barkentine Gazela (built in the late 19th century in Portugal, restored in 1974) were visiting from Chestertown and Philadelphia respectively, and where the Virginia Marine Science Center brought a traveling aquarium in a truck with Chesapeake Bay creatures and a touch pool. We also saw The Sterling Playmakers (several of whom are members of The Noble Blades) perform pirate sword antics and heard the jazz ensemble Double Digit (the rock portion of the musical entertainment, including 10,000 Maniacs and Lifehouse, played the night before).

We had to leave relatively early in the afternoon to pick my father up from the airport -- my mother is staying at my sister's in New York for the week and keeping the car so he flew home -- and from there we went out to dinner for Father's Day. So I have eaten a great deal over the course of the weekend and been on three tall ships...what more could anyone ask?

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