June 21st, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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We had a quiet Monday after a hectic weekend. Older son refused to wake up till 10:30, no one had breakfast before 11, we went hiking at Locust Grove, then stopped at the food store and brought stuff home for a very late lunch. In the afternoon I wrote a bunch of articles while the kids entertained one another, then we had dinner and watched the pilot of Wildfire because I've written three articles on it for TrekToday so I know all about it and I could not resist the combination of Nana Visitor and Michael Piller even though I suspected it would be a WB clone young teen chick flick, which it was...not that that bothered me particularly, as there was lots of pretty outdoor scenery, a likeable lead even if she doesn't have all that much range yet, Dennis Weaver in the Chris Cooper role from Seabiscuit, the very hot Greg Serano as the oh-this-is-wrong-he's-the-father-figure-I-should-not-be-shipping-them mentor, and Nana, who is pretty much incapable of not being good.

My father called during the 9 p.m. commercial set to tell us to turn on USA, and there was William Shatner singing "My Way" at the George Lucas AFI tribute that I've had to write up but did not realize was going to be televised. So as soon as Wildfire was over, we put it on, just in time to hear Bill Murray singing "Star Wars, gotta watch Star Wars..." from that Saturday Night Live clip. There was lots of other fun, including Harrison Ford explaining that he has his current life (including Calista Flockhart, who unfortunately showed up in practically every shot of Lucas, as George was sitting between Harrison and Steven Spielberg and it's so hard not to slash those three and Calista was on Harrison's other side) because Tom Selleck, George's first choice to play Indiana Jones though Steven favored Harrison, couldn't get out of doing Magnum P.I. (so we all owe that Magnum P.I. producer thanks!) Just about everyone else in Hollywood was on the special, including Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss, Jimmy Smits, Tom Hanks, Warren&Annette, John Williams, Ron Howard, and Peter Jackson having lost so much weight that he looks like Dominic Monaghan - now we know which was his Mary Sue hobbit. *snerk* Anyway, the show reruns and we started taping it at 11 because this one is definitely a keeper for the Shatner and stormtrooper Rockettes line alone.

P.S.A.: dark_cygnet has informed me that not everyone knows that there are USB-powered vibrators. So I am doing my civic duty and informing all my fic-reading friends. *g* Speaking of porn, I was told by an evil influence that I had to do this month's hp_squick, and I am embarrassed that I capitulated so I will just warn everyone to check the challenge and then decide if you want to look at the comm or not (mine's still the newest entry I think). I realized today that I am still insane (of all the things I've lost this year, I miss my mind the most) because I was wondering why I have never seen a Harry Potter songvid to Styx's "Fooling Yourself." And I have just discovered that my trip to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula will miss Tall Ships Tacoma 2005 by a day -- someone please go and take pictures for me!

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