July 1st, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Just a quickie after a long Thursday -- with luck (and a little cooperation from United) we will be home late tomorrow night and I can begin to catch up and write a proper trip report then. This morning we left Forks and drove to Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park, so named because of bits of garnet in among the sand, though it was overcast and looked pretty uniformly brown to us. We walked to where Cedar Creek turns to spill out in the Pacific Ocean, found banana slugs (and black foreign invader slugs) on driftwood in the trees leading to the shore and looked out at Destruction Island, so named because it was historically bad news for ships despite its lighthouse. Again I took my shoes off to wade over some rocks to the tidepools and got wetter than I expected, though it was worth it as there were starfish and anemones as well as mussels, snails and barnacles all over.

We made a quick visit to the Kalaloch ranger station and big cedar in the woods near there, then had lunch at July Creek on Lake Quinault which involved a short walk through a rainforest. Then we went for what we expected to be a short walk but ended up being a strenuous hike to the Big Sitka spruce tree on the Quinault Indian Reservation, deep in the woods and requiring a sharp vertical ascent. That trip also allowed us to see our biggest banana slug yet.

It was a nearly three hour drive to Tacoma, where the opening ceremony of the tall ships festival had taken place at noon. I was sorry to have missed it but Dock Street was undoubtedly far less crowded and we had no trouble parking in the lot for the glass museum, which was closed when we arrived but there was a beautiful display in cases along the bridge that crossed the highway to the marina. There were at least 20 gorgeous tall ships that we saw, unfortunately from a distance because they won't be open for visitors until Friday. After walking the mile and a quarter or so along the docks, we drove to our hotel, stopping at McDonald's for dinner so the kids would have time to digest and swim before bed. The opening ceremony of Tall Ships Tacoma was on the news so we watched that for awhile as we packed for the flight home.

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Friday is my 15th wedding anniversary and I will be spending the entire day in transit. Hopefully we will at least be back in our house before it's over!