July 6th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Not much to report today. On top of lingering trip chaos, am having serious female TMI that necessitated two calls to the doctor, though she says I should just wait it out and see if it's as bad in a couple of days. So apart from bad cramping, attempts to feed, entertain and get children to do chores, dinner once again with parents since mother attempted to take children to the pool in the late afternoon for the 20 minutes between thunderstorms and offered leftovers, and an accidental rereading of much of Master and Commander in search of a quote for someone since LJ's memories were down most of the afternoon and evening, I did little worth mentioning. Though I do have to mention the astrologer who is suing NASA over the comet impact, claiming that the disorder this causes in the universe has cost her the equivalent of hundreds of millions in distress. Can I blame the stars being out of alignment for my off-cycle, extremely unpleasant time of month?

The rest of this post is in large part for ribby, since she claims nostalgia, and rinsbane, who should know what she is getting into when she goes to the Olympic Peninsula. Oh, and also for muscadinegirl and mecurtin who seem to know far more about the natural world than I do and always tell me something interesting when I have a Stephen Maturin moment. I am confident that they at least will not say "ewww." *g*

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