July 12th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The kids started camp and came home sunburnt and happy, I wrote two articles, total porn for rinsbane's birthday and most of my trip report and photo captions, we all watched I, Robot which was much better than I'd heard and very entertaining to watch with the kids the week after we saw "What are Little Girls Made Of?" as there are so many identical themes. Otherwise my day was taken up with listening obsessively to "The Sands of Time" and doing chores. This week everything sounds like a Remus/Sirius song to me -- I think I am trying to brace myself in case Rowling does something awful to Snape and I need to go hide somewhere and regroup for awhile. If she kills Snape or Lupin off, I will forgive her, but if she does anything cringe-worthy to Snape or turns Lupin definitively heterosexual then I will be most unhappy.

Trek news: The Trouble With Tribbles is newly available as a free eBook. I have never nor will I ever forgive Gerrold for his contemptuousness toward slash -- it isn't as if his work isn't just this side of fanfic, utterly derivative of Heinlein in places -- but it's entertaining to read his account of the filming of the episode and what the cast and crew were like, particularly since it's free. apaulled came home today with Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) so we have been indulging in listening to Reaganomics-era crap this evening.

In other news, I hope everyone got out of the path of the hurricane, the National Zoo has a baby panda, it figures George Bush would use a tragedy in Europe as an excuse to promote his own agenda and man, now that the notes are out there although I have serious issues with the treatment of the journalists involved, I hope Karl Rove goes down over Valerie Plame -- boy do his excuses sound like splitting hairs over the difference between having sexual relations and having oral sex a la Clinton only with much, much greater consequences. (I don't think we can split hairs over who is a "real" investigative journalist versus someone with a bias -- every single reporter has some sort of bias, as do the publications they work for, and denying them freedom to protect their sources only makes it more likely that we will have no attempt at objective investigative journalism, only reiteration of previously established ideological positions.)

"Huh? No, I didn't dig that hole! I have been lying here ASLEEP, I tell you! I am innocent!"