July 19th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I spent much of the afternoon with perkypaduan, who came to lunch at the Indian buffet with my husband and children and managed not to cry at the latter's recitation of half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the first third of HP:HBP. Then she kindly invited me and the kids back to her house so they could play with her cats:

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In the evening my father's brother, his wife and their ten year old arrived at my parents' house from Los Angeles, so we went over to have dessert with them. My uncle's older two daughters from his first marriage, my first cousins, are both having babies -- one had a boy two weeks ago and the other is due three weeks from now -- and we talked to them both on the phone. We have a lot of family in L.A. on both sides of the family (my uncle helped apaulled's brother get his restaurant open) and whenever they are around I get tempted for about five minutes to move out there, until I think about earthquakes and wildfires and Hollywood and Ahhnold being my governor. But it is fun to have them in town; they are taking my kids downtown with them tomorrow, so I will actually get my work done and my laundry folded.

I am writing post-HBP fic. Snupin, even. It is entirely ldybastet's fault, as the story was her idea, so I am making her write half of it. Also I am writing it with her because that is the only way I can keep Snape focused on what's happening in the story instead of trying to turn it into mindless porn. Apparently he had a panic attack when he realized his only sexual opportunities in my head following HBP might be with characters whom he apparently finds as disturbing as I do. He seized on the opportunity for a chance with Lupin as soon as she suggested it, and he doesn't care whether I am screaming at him that he is acting OOC or not by demanding smut ASAP. It is nice to know that my Mental Snape has some taste, at least. In the meantime I wrote drabbles: "Unforgivable Curse" for snape100, "Morph" for lupin100. Both contain spoilers for HBP.

Wednesday is my son's birthday and my in-laws are coming and my parents are having a big party for all our local relatives since many of them have June and July birthdays. Do I need to buy gifts for all of them? And cara_chapel made my night by saying, "Fleur is HP's equivalent of Seven of Nine," the character who drove us both out of Star Trek fandom. Yes, yes, she is. The nicest thing I can say about Veela is at least we don't see very many of them.