July 20th, 2005

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Poem for Wednesday

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My parents, uncle, his wife and my last first cousin (who is younger than my older son) took my children to Arlington National Cemetery and the Smithsonian today, so I got three articles written and my laundry folded and otherwise thoroughly indulged myself with ldybastet, to whom I would like to declare my undying gratitude and devotion for redeeming my OTPs for me (though I do blame her for the Snape now living in my head who apparently does not intend to shut up any time soon, even if I have other things I must work on). She managed to take all the little things niggling me about HBP and, with one sentence, point out to me a way to look beyond them, at least in terms of the characters who really matter to me. She is also a very lovely writer and just as importantly a very easy person to write with, toss ideas back and forth with, jump in and out of scenes with and drop in irrelevant porn asides. So I am very content and must do something nice for her, preferably involving Jason Isaacs and naked Jello wrestling.

In other news, well, is the news. I appreciated this from The Washington Post on how the women closest to Bush are all pro-choice but I doubt that is going to save Roe v. Wade. I spent all afternoon from the time the hour of the announcement was set going, "Gee, would I rather have a pro-choice justice who supports torture...?" How, how, how has it come to it that these are the kinds of things I know Congress will be weighing...which horrible choices to let slide? It has my guts all in a twist and I don't even want to think about it.

Because my uncle and his family live in L.A., I was feeling nostalgic for being in L.A. for my brother-in-law the chef's wedding in 2002. These are photos I have never posted from Starfl...er, that is, the Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys, California!

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Wednesday my entire local family will be at my parents' for my younger son's birthday, my uncle's birthday, my great-uncle's birthday and various other family celebrations. My son meanwhile wants Burger King for lunch for his birthday, so I suspect tomorrow will be much taken up with overeating. *g*
little review

Beam Me Up Scotty

James Doohan dies at 85.

I'm about to take my kids out to lunch for my younger one's birthday and have a big family party tonight, and the TrekToday site owner does not appear to be online -- I don't want to write a rushed obituary but obviously we have to get this covered quickly.

It's going to be a long, sad, complicated day.