July 31st, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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After rushing through some work in the morning, I spent today in and around Annapolis, which is about an hour from here. Parking along the river, we walked to the US Naval Academy where we went first to the visitor's center, which houses exhibits on life for midshipmen, graduates who became astronauts, Navy athletes and John Paul Jones. We learned there that there was a wedding in the chapel so unfortunately we were unable to go inside, but we could enter the crypt where Jones' remains are in a marble sarcophagus. Nearby is the Naval Academy Museum, which houses a fabulous gallery of ship models, a main hall of naval artifacts and artwork and a nautical and military-themed bookstore. The Maryland State House is a ten minute walk from there, and since we obtained Crab House Nuts & Barnacles to munch on the way, we proceeded very happily through the tourist shopping district (which includes several stores with pirate-themed and seashore souvenirs) to the building which houses the House of Delegates and State Senate and which briefly served as the U.S. capitol from 1783-4.

It would be silly to go to Annapolis without having crabs, so we had an early dinner at Buddy's Crabs & Ribs (well, we had no ribs -- cream of crab soup, crab dip, crab cakes and chicken tenders for our older son who was in an anti-seafood mood). Then after stopping in a couple more stores -- nautical bookstores, museum stores and sailing equipment are widely available, along with local arts and crafts -- we drove to Quiet Waters Park in Anne Arundel County to hear Melanie Mason and her band. Blues guitar is not my favorite thing but I figure after taking everyone to see October Project and Jennifer Cutting, apaulled was entitled to a turn, and she has a lovely sultry voice and is a hot redhead and fun to watch with her guitar. *g* Older son read Harry Potter to us on the way home to give my voice a break, as my beloved husband also seems to be sharing his head cold with me, and now I am fried but happy! Shall post photos over several days; tonight, American naval heroes.

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