August 2nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Monday the kids went over to a friend's house at 10 a.m. to play video games and ended up going with the friend to the pool for five hours after lunch, so I had a lovely summer afternoon to myself. perkypaduan came over and we went out for California Tortilla and watched the director's cut of King Arthur, a movie which grows on me more each time I see it because I compare it less to any expectation or wishes I had for it and just watch Clive, Keira, Ioan, Joel, Hugh, Stellan, the Rays and the rest do a creditable job with the screenplay they got, plus the lovely scenery.

In the evening I wrote three Trek articles, read some Harry Potter to my family and folded laundry while watching the Dawson's Creek third season endgame -- I rarely talk about this here because I know I will be laughed at if not outright unfriended for my utter lack of sophistication but I've been working my way back through DC since it came out on DVD, and rewatching what is arguably the high or low point of the series depending on one's perspective, when the love triangle fell out for the first time the way it worked best all along, is just an enormous pleasure. This is a show that hasn't dated because it felt dated in the first place -- it's not a series about teenagers and how they talk, it's a series about how adults wish they had talked as teenagers while experiencing exactly the same angst. It's also a series where girls make dumb decisions but are never treated as if THEY are dumb and are not judged for them; after the latest Harry Potter it is really so refreshing.

Important life lesson: never buy solid deodorant and then leave it in the car for several hours in nearly 90 degree heat, at least not unless you are planning to make deodorant soup. Also: never stop writing Snupin to go deal with your kids unless you want a huffy angry Snape hanging around in your brain for the rest of the evening. And don't reread your own M&C fic that you wrote before reading the novels unless you want to die of embarrassment for what you did to characters you didn't really know all that well. On which subject: tonight, photos of miniature ships; tomorrow, the Maryland state house.

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