August 3rd, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Had another relatively quiet domestic day, with ventures abroad only to take packages to the post office, take the kids out for lunch, stop in a couple of stores and retrieve kids from my parents who took them to their pool in the late afternoon. Parents lost power tonight and came over again to borrow flashlights; I am very thankful that our neighborhood kept ours on. My father, who is as compulsive about checking his e-mail as I am, knows I am planning to take my laptop to the beach next week and has already announced plans to commandeer it to watch DVDs and do his own thing. I am therefore bringing BOTH our laptops, and he is not allowed to touch the one my documents and photos are on. If that's not good enough, he can bring his own laptop!

Did a hilarious article today on four cities in Scotland all vying to be able to declare themselves the future birthplace of Montgomery Scott. Apparently there is some conflict in Star Trek canon about whether Scotty was born in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Linlithgow or Elgin. In "Wolf in the Fold", Scotty describes himself as an Aberdeen pub crawler, which is good enough for me, but apparently the councils in Edinburgh and the other towns read about how much money Riverside, Iowa has made off William Shatner since being declared the future birthplace of Captain Kirk, so they are clinging to Trek apocrypha. I sense civil war brewing. Also, I have been recorrupted by Snucius by certain people who shall remain nameless, so I spent much of the late afternoon writing Snupin to recover. I suspect that there is more Snucius brewing. Monster epic Snucius even. Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for leaving Mr. Malfoy mostly out of HBP, as that opens so many more possibilities than certain characters about whom I now suffer from TMI...

We have Wednesday night tickets to see the Nationals, which will be a new experience for me. I think it's kind of funny that I will have been in RFK Stadium twice this year when everyone has been trying to hard to abandon it -- I don't think I ever went to two Redskins games in a single season so this may be a single-year record for me. Speaking of records, I took a photo of Oriole Park at Camden Yards last weekend decorated for Palmeiro's 3000th but lost the heart to post it for obvious reasons. (Overheard comment of the day that made me shriek with its wrongness: "You heard how Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for taking steroids, but he says he didn't do it intentionally?" "Yeah. Maybe he drank Ryan Franklin's urine.") I wish we had pennant race suspense instead of suspensions.

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