August 8th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Sunday morning we got up at different times and went to do different things: my father to play tennis with a friend who is also staying in the complex, my mother and one child to get a newspaper, my husband to jog, me and one of my sons to look for frogs in a nearby swampy area. Then we all went to the beach, which was so crowded with umbrellas that we had to walk down quite a way just to find a non-packed spot; this is the busiest weekend of tourist season on this peninsula and it was very obvious. In spite of all that the beach was lovely: we did not build sand castles or dig fr mole crabs because we were all swimming, but the water was gorgeous and we saw dolphins not far offshore jumping in the surf.

Our afternoon at the beach was interrupted by a thunderstorm, which caused the lifeguards to clear the water and when we took the shuttle to Sea Colony's indoor pool we learned that Delaware has a law that even indoor pools must be closed for electrical storms -- can anyone explain this to me? So we went back, dried off and went out for a very late lunch at Armand's Pizza, then drove to Fenwick Island to Sea Shell City and the Discovery Shipwreck Museum, an enormous complex which includes serious artifacts and scientific exhibits a floor above painted hermit crabs and every form of tacky shell souvenir imaginable (I resisted buying the tall ship made from scallop shells though I did get a pirate ship carved on a cowrie). We visited a couple of other shops -- have to have rock candy and salt water taffy at the beach -- and got some fresh fruit from a local stand, then came back for dinner. While it was still drizzling we talked about renting a movie and discovered that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was on Disney with the deleted scenes restored, so (all six of us being geeks) we watched it. *g*

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