August 9th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Monday morning after another walk to look for frogs and turtles (and a snake!) in the swamp, my father took the boys to the pool nearest us at Sea Colony while my mother, apaulled and I drove to Fenwick Island. We went to the Seaside Country Store (which has fudge and crab nuts among other delicacies and collectibles), the Floaters (which has nautical souvenirs and artwork, plus actual floaters and crab traps as well as an Irish shop), and a bayside beach area, where I hoped to see fiddler crabs but only saw boats launching into the bay.

After lunch we went to Viking Park, which has miniature golf and a go-kart course (being part-Viking themselves, the other members of my family chose Vikings over pirates). I played one round (and won my group, which included my father and older son; apaulled won the group with my mother and younger son). After that, while the rest of the males played another round, I took younger son over to the go-karts. He was only just tall enough to drive alone and was briefly the happiest boy in the world driving around the course; then his car hit the barrier, he was bounced about pretty hard, and he became absolutely disconsolate for the rest of the afternoon. Not even offers of Candy Kitchen could revive him.

Viking Park has big models of the guardians of the Underworld, Midgard and Kangor, "fire"-breathing dragons that keep the afternoon heat tolerable as they blow steam, and there was a nice we got Italian ices and ice cream between rounds. We went to the beach in the very late afternoon -- that is, hubby and I did while my disinterested parents took the kids to the pool in the high-rise complex, which meant that we could swim without worrying about watching them. We saw the dolphins again and a variety of gulls, terns and other seabirds, and many, many mole crabs, which made us go summon the boys. They came and we all dug for the sandcrabs for awhile before coming back to the condo for dinner and showers so we can get up early Tuesday to drive to Assateague.

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Had a friend send me a link to Lucius' cane. Want it so badly. Maybe it will be available by my birthday...oh, but I want camera stuff! Can't I just have Lucius? *cries*