August 23rd, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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After a somewhat stressful morning, I ended up having a nice if hectic afternoon. Took son to the orthodontist to get his wire replaced in the bracket yet again (he was read the riot act concerning cutting his food into smaller pieces). Called my mother and asked if she wanted to meet us for lunch, so we hooked up in Borders after the dentist and ate Jerry's and Splurge.

We ended up in the game store where son #2 got a late birthday present and son #1 got an early birthday present now that the Nintendo DS prices have dropped...younger son had enough money from all the relative gifts and various savings, and mother forwarded older son his gift early so the two of them can enjoy the games before they start school. I made a rule that they were not allowed to play them until their rooms were clean, so instead of wanting to go to the pool with my mother, they wanted to come home and clean. My mother came with us, and helped them pile a huge amount of stuff into garbage and give-away bags and boxes. Unfortunately the trash gets picked up Mondays so we will have five big bags to deal with till next week, but we have five U-Haul medium boxes filled with toys for charity.

Younger son had wanted to stop in Borders to look for a book on emperor penguins after March of the Penguins (click here for charming kosher penguin article). I saw that they had Avi's The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle for $2.99. Older son had read it for school and I asked if he wanted a copy; he didn't particularly care but told me that I should read it, as it's about a girl caught up in a mutiny on a ship in the 1800s -- I took his advice and am really enjoying it! I also bought Karen Hesse's Stowaway, partly for him and partly for me, about a boy who stowed away on Cook's Endeavour. Sometimes young adult books really hit the mark.

In joyous fannish news, the three-disc extended edition of Gladiator is out tomorrow! (Circuit City has it cheaper than Best Buy -- perkypaduan, interested in one of our storefront hookups and lunch with my kids?) And sheafrotherdon had said that she'd take requests for one-line stories given pairings and one-word prompts, and I said Snape/Dumbledore, and...well, it really needs to be read, here, because it rocks. *g*

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