August 24th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Have just spent the last several hours watching the Gladiator extended edition with the commentary track on so am not feeling all that's an overwhelming amount of material to assimilate all at once, because the film itself is so gripping, and I don't know whether this is just my finicky DVD player but it was impossible to turn the subtitles off with the commentary on so I was hyper-aware of every spoken word in the film even while I was listening to Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott talk about it. There is information both fascinating and utterly trivial yet entertaining, some really nice stuff on Joaquin Phoenix, Richard Harris, Connie Nielsen and Djimon Hounsou ("Djimon like Simon" as Russell says, which is hepful to know) as well as some not-so-nice stuff on Oliver Reed which surprised me from a speak-no-evil-of-the-dead standpoint, especially since his heart attack during filming forced rewrites and changes to the planned ending of the movie that I think improved it greatly. I wondered how well I would find that the film had held up after the plethora of ancient epics that have come out in its wake, and even distracted by commentary it's still obviously so far above them that comparisons are ridiculous. I was sort of embarrassed for Ridley whenever Kingdom of Heaven came up in conversation.

My plan for Tuesday was always to pick up the DVD, though I had promised younger son that we would go to Best Buy again the next day so he could get Nintendogs, which was not scheduled for release until Wednesday. As it turns out, according to Circuit City, Nintendo does not care about street dates, so they sold it to us Tuesday and my kids were very happy in the late afternoon after I dragged them around doing chores! Before that, we all met vertigo66 and her brood for lunch at a pizza and pasta buffet, and afterward I came home and wrote up two interesting audio interviews -- one with Dominic Keating and the other with Ira Steven Behr, once of DS9 and now of The 4400, who was particularly interesting. Collapse )

In happier news I am now the proud owner of The January Man for a mere $2.99 so I can indulge my Alan Rickman fetish to my heart's content as soon as I get done squeeing over the Gladiator extras. I have a pass to see James Purefoy in HBO's Rome miniseries in its DC-area debut on the big screen, but I don't think I can get my mother to babysit, as she is watching the kids tomorrow afternoon while I am at the dentist and then leaving Friday to visit my sister in her new house, so I guess I will wait and watch Rome on cable!

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