August 28th, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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This morning we were awoken ridiculously early by a cat dive-bombing across the bed, after which we both realized that we were listening to pouring rain outside. That had not been in the forecast -- slightly overcast, perhaps an afternoon shower, but mostly warm and sunny was what we'd gone to bed expecting. When it was still raining quite heavily by 10:30 we decided that perhaps we had better wait to go to the Renaissance Faire until we had weather in which we'd enjoy it more. We thought about waiting for it to clear up and then going to the Baltimore Zoo after lunch, and had even called my father to make plans to take him since my mother is visiting my sister, but when we walked out the door it started to pour again and we ended up not doing anything exciting but instead buying the last of the school supplies that we were sure we had around here somewhere (how can we not have a protractor?) and getting haircuts.

Near the hair place (Cartoon Cuts, still -- cheapest cuts in town and Elli does a great job) is Congressional Aquarium, which is where tonight's photos come from:

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Otherwise we came home, made the kids finish the last of their summer homework before letting them play Nintendogs, had dinner and had a pretty mellow evening. Forgot to post a link Friday to my "Balance of Terror" review; Saturday my articles were just more Las Vegas coverage. Tomorrow if the weather is tolerable we're going to try for the zoo again. Otherwise it might end up being a quiet weekend!