September 1st, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I had a relatively quiet day -- the last one this week, as Back-to-School Night is Thursday night and then Labor Day weekend starts -- putting away laundry and unused school supplies, reshelving books that got left around during the summer, getting school stuff organized (now both kids have hooded sweatshirts with their respective school logos!), writing a few Trek articles and, in between, watching the news. It's hard to look away and just as hard to look, trying to imagine moving from the Superdome to the Astrodome for possibly several weeks and knowing that those people are the very lucky ones among those who remained. There was a lot of coverage of looting and it bugged me that they were classing women taking bottled water and diapers for their children with people stealing televisions; no, technically the bottled water does not belong to them, but this is a survival situation and all the experts kept pointing out that there is no safe drinking water anywhere in New Orleans or most of Biloxi. The grocery stores should be reimbursed out of emergency funds later but the National Guard should be distributing their packaged food now, not trying to protect it!

We spent lots of time in the evening going through our Britain photos and putting together a calendar for relatives for next year as we realized suddenly that it was the last day of the Shutterfly sale. I want to do a fancy book-type thing of photos with borders, captions, etc. (the_reverand has promised to help me, for which I kiss her feet) but this is the quick and dirty one to ship out to the west coast cousins. I haven't looked at those photos in order since we got back and it was so much fun! We could have done three calendars this year -- one from England, one from the Olympic Peninsula and one from Delaware. I really need to do a better job of actually remembering to print my photos; most of them I have only in electronic slide shows and stuff. I keep taking walks at night right as the sun is setting, as tonight, and seeing glorious sunsets that I never have my camera with me to photograph. I don't like to walk encumbered -- even the little mp3 player armband feels like a lot.

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