September 6th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Anyway, I don't have a great deal to report about today. We slept till after 9 a.m.. Had breakfast. Went out to the discount shoe store in Hanover where I bought three pairs of sandals (was looking for black Aerosoles, they were sold out for the season, but I got navy Aerosoles for $7.50, black Bass flats for $15 and pretty Dexter copper suede dressy sandals for -- wait for it -- $5). Came back, took a walk and saw a groundhog; I don't really know whether it was Maximus, as he was at a distance and ran away when he saw me, but I am going to assume it was, since all the younger ones are gone after the trapping incident but there are still a couple of adults and some rabbits and the neighbors have stopped complaining now that they know the rat population will increase if the groundhogs are gone.

We drove home and unpacked, I wrote three articles and some smut with my beloved beta, younger son had soccer practice, older son went to the pool with my parents for the end of the season. We had dinner on my parents' deck (a meatloaf recipe of my sister's that my children rejected soundly), came home, watched the Rome: Engineering an Empire show on The History Channel. The Florida State game was on afterward but all I know about it is that they won. And now I am faced with the news. Hey, look, shiny!

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So the dilemma goes like this. Could Roberts possibly be worse than Scalia? Or could Roberts be JUST LIKE Scalia? What if Roberts is just like Scalia but less of an abrasive snob...would that be a good thing, or might that actually be a bad thing, because Scalia alienated Kennedy who used to vote with him on almost everything, whereas Roberts might build a stronger clique of conservatives (don't feed me any nonsense about judicial vs. political conservatism, Scalia showed us which side he was on there during the sodomy decision with his "dire warnings" about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman). Are we better off with Thomas, who appears to be none too bright? Or will he just do whatever Scalia tells him, as it appears he has done for the past several years? If Roberts gets blocked, is Bush going to appoint someone even worse?

...I can't think about it, and I have no more money to give the ACLU or Planned Parenthood as I just sent it all to the Gulf Coast. *headache*