September 11th, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I've posted poems about this date before, like "Searchers", but I really liked Pinsky's subtle commentary on the Katrina disaster and lack of response so I kept the Poet's Choice column today. Here, friends-locked, is my own 9/11 recollection written two years ago.

Late last night we discovered that younger son had some kind of bug bite on his shoulder with a kind of raised ring pattern around it. We panicked, figuring it might be Lyme disease, and called the doctor early in the morning to see if she could see him (which she did, though it made him quite late for soccer). She didn't even think it was a bug bite but some kind of infected pimple, for which she gave him a prescription. Another boy in the neighborhood has Lyme disease, which they caught in the very early stages because he banged his knee and had a very bad reaction to the injury, so he was put on antibiotics, and now I am wondering whether I should have had the doctor give my son a blood test even though she seemed quite certain that the particular skin thing we showed her could not be that. (Younger son seems to have very susceptible skin; he has already caught molluscum and ringworm from other kids, though he missed out on chicken pox when older son had it.)

So hubby rushed him late to soccer while I stayed home with older son, who survived his Hebrew school overnight and ended up concluding that it had been fun. I got three of four weekend TrekToday articles done, so was happy, and finished fic with ldybastet which we will post tomorrow as we concluded that more people read LiveJournal on Sunday than Saturday. *g* In the afternoon younger son had two birthday parties -- the first the son of vertigo66, a bowling party where he was very happy as the lanes had barriers to stop the balls from going into the gutters, so he had one of the highest scores (as opposed to many parties he has gone to with his brother where they did not have barriers and he had very low, frustrating scores). vertigo66's sister always makes awesome cakes and the kids got to play in the arcade as well as bowl, so this went over very well. Then he went to a party in the neighborhood (with the kid with Lyme disease) where they played video games and ate a lot of junk food. Older son was sulking because his best friend got grounded and could not play.

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