September 20th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I did nothing profound today...went out to the bank and for detergent, shampoo and girl stuff, stopped to pick up antibacterial hand gel and discovered this which made me so happy as it is perfect for my schlepping needs -- I am the world's cheapest purse buyer, even more so than shoes -- ran into my mother, wrote a couple of articles, finished crackfic (watch this space tomorrow for details), betaed good fic (see schemingreader for details), and saw a shocking amount of Monday Night Football as the Giants-Saints game preceded the Redskins-Cowboys game; maybe this is true nationally and not just in DC? I was confused, as I know the Saints schedule changed but they always show the Redskins here in their entirety.

Younger son's Furby that he was originally supposed to get for Chanukah, but was told that he could have in lieu of allowance for several weeks instead, arrived and instantly caused more strife than it's worth, as son wanted to do something, anything, that would enable him to get the Furby sooner. I tried explaining that he cannot do five weeks of bathroom-cleaning in a day but he has worked himself into a state anyway. Older son had peer mediation with the kids who have been hassling him in Spanish class, and that seems to have gone tolerably, which is something, though they insist that he must have started it somewhere back a year ago. This is going to sound incredibly awful, but one of the kids he carpools with was running for vice president of his grade, and lost, and I am actually somewhat relieved, as this kid has been getting more and more into the being-cool-and-popular thing and not being very friendly with my son and the other kid (total math geek) in the carpool, but I suspect he's not so big for his britches today. Speaking of presidents...

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Some links: robinwest sent me this New York Times article on the Moscow Cats Theater, "Roll Over, 'Cats.' The Real Thing Is Here." If I lived in New York I would so be there. And someone at ohnotheydidnt posted the William Shatner performance (as well as the other Emmy Idol songs) and Jon Stewart's pre-recorded Hurricane Katrina opinions, here.

I did not talk like a pirate, but my kids came home from school telling me it was Pirate Day and AdventureQuest had one-day-only pirate games and they HAD to be allowed to go online even though it was a school day because it was a one time thing, so I let them just because I was curious. I didn't realize Talk Like A Pirate Day was so widespread. *g* Collapse )