September 24th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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My quiet morning was interrupted by a call from my son's elementary school to tell me he had fallen off a jungle gym, hit his head on a bottom rung and had an enormous bump on his head. Of course I rushed over to pick him up, called the doctor and watched for signs of concussion...and mostly saw signs of a bored kid being encouraged to lie down and avoid yammering when that was what he wanted to do. He has a horrible purple bruise on his forehead and another lump under his hair, but no nausea, no headache beyond the spots that were injured and we are supposed to wake him up every few hours tonight just to make sure he doesn't lose consciousness.

I had to bore poor perkypaduan at lunchtime; she was going to come over for a spot of mischief but since I had a child in the room we had to settle for gossip and her report on A History of Violence which she saw at a sneak preview. Do I like Viggo enough to get over my general aversion to Cronenberg's particular forms of violence? I can't decide, but I think I will put Flight Plan and The Corpse Bride higher on my to-view list, anyway. Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra's performance at the Tacoma Park Folk Festival was on local TV in the late afternoon so my kids and I watched that, then we had Shabbat dinner with my parents, then we came home and watched Threshold which remains entertaining and rather X-Files-ish and Molly so should do it with Cavanaugh. In and around all this I wrote a possibly-not-very-coherent review of "Arena".

Given this excitement, we are going to forego the Renaissance Faire tomorrow as it's a long way from home, and as we are going to have a long day Sunday with Hebrew school, soccer and my in-laws coming to visit for my older son's birthday on Monday. If son is feeling up to it we may go to a War of 1812 reenactment and accompanying craft fair; if son is not feeling up to it we may go to the movies or something quiet. The only thing he wants is to watch the new Furby movie on TV tomorrow morning!

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