September 26th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Had a family-oriented Sunday. Wrote my articles early while the kids had Hebrew school. Then they had a friend over at lunchtime, my in-laws came, younger son had soccer practice, and afterward we all went to my parents' house for an early celebration of my older son's birthday which is Monday. Son received a used copy of Skies of Arcadia for the GameCube which he desperately wanted, as well as gift certificates to the local card store to get the Magic deck he wants. Plus, you know, books and stuff, but the games are what he was excited about. And younger son was given some money from his grandparents which combined with all the money he has saved over the past several weeks was enough to reimburse me for his Furby, which he now has and is not even jealous about older son's birthday. So peace reigns. Gee, twelve years ago right about now I was in labor...

My only other news involves trying to help my cousin get her father's files off his six-year-old Macintosh that he hasn't turned on for three years and that apparently has a near-defunct mouse, pretending to be interested in the outcome of the Patriots game, finishing even crazier crackfic than the last crackfic and watching Desperate Housewives, which must also be like crack because I don't even like it but I can't seem not to watch it. We completely lost track of the time while at my parents and missed The West Wing season premiere and I am absolutely kicking myself for not having set the VCR much earlier in the day; we knew Rome would rerun so I'm not worried about that one, but TWW probably won't replay the opener till mid-season reruns start! Woe! (Anyone local reading this, if you happened to tape/TiVo it, can I trade you favors...?)

Here are some more photos from Rock Creek Park Day, this time some of the critters brought by Reptiles Alive for the 115th birthday festival. More turtles for you, sadiethenymph!

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You all may have noticed that perfect_duet underwent some overhauling this weekend. Since the archive is down, esteven offered to put all fic in the community into its memories so people could find it, and I switched it from S1 to S2 so that we could have links on the main page. If anyone has layout suggestions, archive suggestions, link suggestions or other suggestions, I would love to hear them.