September 28th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Yeah, sorry I was griping yesterday, I was getting a cold on top of female trouble and have spent all day fighting off a headache and cramps with only moderate success. I took a walk in the woods in the morning in this gorgeous weather and couldn't even really enjoy that. It did inspire me to move around the music on my MP3 player, though, which finally inspired me to burn all my M4Ps from iTunes to music discs and then rip them so I can play them as MP3s. Fortunately there weren't too many.

The news just said DC has the highest gas prices in the nation. It's too soon for me to be able to tell whether Commander in Chief is any good -- had a sort of gimmicky first script, though the cast is great -- but I will take Geena Davis as my president right now. It's interesting that they didn't want to make her a Republican, even a liberal one, despite their being two Democratic presidents on TV series now -- I wish there were a Republican in the race who'd actually choose an independent running mate! Also watched Boston Legal because it was there. I enjoy seeing Boston. And The Shatner. And Spader, whom I have always run either very hot or very cold on (loved him in Sex, Lies and Videotape; hated him in pretty much everything else I ever saw him in, even that John Cusack politics movie). Tried to update my tags while watching but TV is distracting.

I owe lots of comments and e-mails but at the moment I just suck. Am sure I had something important to say -- well, not really important, as I am keeping my mouth shut about politics since I am just not up for an argument right now, though I am really glad Ms. Intelligent Design unfriended me before I had to unfriend her -- but other than having found an online recording of Alan Rickman singing an incredibly silly song, I can't think what it could have been, because that wasn't it. Shall attempt to do better tomorrow and write shorter sentences too. Tonight, for mrkinch:

My son takes fencing in the cafeteria of a nearby middle school. Apparently someone decided to discard a lunchtime canned peach slice between the blinds and the window, for some reason. By the time we arrived for fencing, this was the view from outside the window.