October 1st, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Early Friday morning my younger son had an orthodontist appointment, so despite still being sick I had to drag myself out of bed and take him to the dentist's office. I stopped in Borders next door to get my older son the new Redwall book, for which I had a coupon, and I wanted to get myself a copy of Days of Awe but I had forgotten my other coupon for 25% off any book and the guy would not believe I had it sitting in my inbox at home, nor was there a computer there where I could pull up my mail and print it out. So I left without it. Now I am going to buy it elsewhere as a matter of principle!

In the afternoon I wrote a review of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday", which upon scrutiny has a lot of time-travel plot holes that continued to haunt Star Trek all the way through Enterprise, but who cares, it also has Spock being jealous of the computer flirting with Kirk. In the course of writing the site columns it occurred to me that I am currently watching eight TV shows. I have never watched more than three shows at a time except when I was getting paid to review some of them, so some of these are definitely not going to last. (Well, Rome is not going to last anyway as I think they only filmed 12 episodes, and I only watched Boston Legal because we were all too lazy to shut the TV after Commander in Chief so it doesn't really count.)

We had dinner with my parents, then came home and I folded laundry while watching Threshold which continues to be entirely watchable if rather derivative of other shows/movies I've seen. This week's was very reminiscent of X-Files again without two characters with the chemistry of Mulder and Scully though I still think Caffrey and Cavanaugh should do it. Loved the artifact and the guy in the mental institution -- I wouldn't mind if he was back. Am wondering what they're going to do with all these people they round up with altered DNA. So far it's been so much Molly and the boys; I want an episode where she has meaningful interaction with a woman (no, not that kind, though actually if she did that would be fine with me too, just not necessary!)

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My Halloween Barbies for beeej. After I took the photo I realized I had another I could have included!

Saturday younger son has a late soccer game, and afterward we might go apple picking with older son since he doesn't get to go on younger son's Hebrew school Sukkot apple-picking trip in a couple of weeks, or we might go to Oktoberfest in Germantown, or we might do a little of both.