October 3rd, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Sunday I declared a recovery day and never left the house, though it briefly looked like I might have to run out to Target at 8 p.m. to get older son balloons, straws and assorted other objects for homemade weather equipment they are supposed to make for science that he only remembered at that hour he needed to get started on by tomorrow. The good news is that it's cold and clear and my sinuses are much better so being lazy must have been the right decision on my part. *g* Kids had Hebrew school in the morning, younger son stayed an extra three hours for a Temple Youth activity, older son was dropped off at a friend's house, then in the late afternoon younger son went to a birthday party for my very oldest local friend's son and although I very much wanted to see her and her parents and kids, I decided to spare them all my germs.

So I have nothing to report beyond stuff I learned from work, like The 4400 is definitely coming back for a third season and Wil Wheaton hated the director of Nemesis as much as Sirtis and Burton did. I also read The Washington Post, The New York Times and a bunch of news from last week and discovered that I want to go to London or Stockholm to go to the ice bar, or at least to The Billy Goat Tavern when it opens in DC. And max_und_moritz sent me a picture from the HP:GOF movie that made me and ldybastet think very naughty thoughts. Hence the icon.

Then there is stuff I learned from TV, like Desperate Housewives suffers so enormously when watched after The West Wing that I think I am going to bail on it, particularly since my older son kept wandering in and asking why the people on it were so awful to each other, for which I had no good answer whatsoever beyond an attempt to explain farce and how much fun it's supposed to be to hate despicable rich beautiful people. The West Wing always justifies my love in some way, even if it's not the show I originally loved (and that wasn't even the show everyone else originally loved, since I didn't come on board till the third season). Any series with moments like Collapse ) is worth watching. Collapse )

Headless scarecrow in late afternoon sunshine at Butler's Orchard this weekend.

In case I'm not back here before tomorrow night, a happy new year to everyone else celebrating! Shana Tovah!