October 7th, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Did chores. Am really, really tired of this cold and wondering whether it has been enough days that it's worth going to the doctor -- I am concerned that I may have an ear infection, because a couple of times I've gotten dizzy for no good reason, but it's been really isolated and I don't know how much is just seasonal pollen on top of nagging sinus pressure. My sister's husband's mother had surgery today for a brain tumor, I have no news yet (my sister and I tend to play phone tag at the best of times just because of our kids and carpool schedules) so I feel like whining is stupid and selfish. I haven't said anything about _redpanda_ because I barely knew her, we'd only ever discussed fannish stuff and had not been in the same fandom for quite some time, but I have been thinking about her a lot and feeling awful and also feeling like it would be intrusive to talk to her friends online about that because I am sure they are feeling far, far worse. I didn't even know about her primary journal until after she died. It makes me sad how little we all know each other. And how much that is true in real life as well -- how few conversations I've had that mean anything with so many people. That's part of what was bothering me on Rosh Hashanah, feeling like I was having all these superficial, pointless, phony conversations with too many people at what's supposed to be my place of worship.

Okay, obviously I am postmenstrual or something. I had a reasonably good day -- exchanged son's gloves and did some other chores out, folded laundry while watching Smallville which was a disappointment on a great many levels Collapse ) It doesn't help that I watched Star Trek's "Court Martial" for reviewing right after Smallville and despite its dated sexist stupidity it was a hundred times better. Even my kids were paying more attention, and there wasn't one special effect of any significance.

Hibiscus. Am not sure this will still be there after tomorrow -- we have a flood watch in effect all day, as we are supposed to get a cold front from the west and the remains of Hurricane Tammy from the south -- so I figured I had better enjoy it while I can.

Have done some very entertaining writing with ldybastet over the past couple of days and have not forgotten that certain evil people have made Aragorn and Snape misbehave in my head. I spent some time updating some links in my fic comm that I had neglected and discovered some things from ages ago that made me smile, though they also made me nostalgic. Urgh, I should go to bed and eat spicy food tomorrow and improve my disposition!