October 8th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Adventure! Excitement! A Jedi craves not these things! Um, how was your day? My big thrills were 1) writing a review of "Court Martial" for TrekToday and waiting for more than an hour for my older son's bus, which apparently broke down, then got stuck in traffic, meaning that my younger son and I sat waiting with no clue where they were in the pouring rain. I told apaulled that our older son needs to get a cell phone ASAP so he can call in case of situations like this -- we had this discussion several times last year when the bus was very late!

Otherwise, had dinner with my parents, watched Threshold which was not as good as "Court Martial" but had some definite assets anyway -- I like seeing two smart, tough career women working together and respecting each other while at the same time sneaking around behind one another's backs. There were two female guests this week whom I would really like to see back, and, okay, probably there's already femmeslash brewing somewhere about Caffrey and the cop but I still want to see her and Cavanaugh have hot sex (though I howled when Ramsey said women are always coming to him for sexual release!) I've given up hoping anyone in a Braga show will ever fall in love as it would all be about clingy women and weak men anyway.

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Tomorrow I want to go see the schooners Sultana and Virginia and other ships in Baltimore for the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race that starts Wednesday, but it has rained all day (which we desperately needed so I am not complaining) and is supposed to keep raining all weekend, which makes me much less pleased! The Liberty Clipper, which we sailed on when we were in Boston, will be there, as will American Spirit, which docks in the Anacostia River in DC, and the skipjack Nathan of Dorchester which we did not get to see when we were in Dorchester because it was out in the Bay. I just want a couple of hours in the afternoon with no pouring rain to see the ships!