October 11th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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It was visiting day at my kids' school, since the schools here are open on Columbus Day (probably because they are closed for the Jewish holidays) but many adults have the day off. I sat through an entertaining lesson on Native American traditions in preparation for younger son's class field trip to Historic St. Mary's and the beginning of a science discussion on stream organisms, but younger son managed to tear his braces loose at breakfast and we both had to interrupt the morning to take him to the orthodontist to get them fixed!

I caught up on the articles I didn't finish this weekend, sized my photos, answered about 70 comments, had confusion about when younger son was supposed to get home from Mad Science after school -- I assumed he was walking with a friend, the person in charge had been told no walkers -- wrote total crack, had long good conversations with friends, watched the Yankees lose and it was good. Older son had fencing after dinner, younger son set up a tent and went "camping" with Furby in the living room. Am reading The Days of Awe, which is one of those utterly astonishing books that sneaks up slowly and then absolutely clobbers you. Had a moment today like a moment watching Truly, Madly, Deeply where I had to stop because I couldn't see the page.

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Son just had a meltdown because one of his three blankies was missing (actually had slipped between the bed and the wall). He also had a meltdown yesterday because, after we got him a $2 foam keychain on the Virginia which he named Banana Slug because it was yellow, he managed to lose it in the science center. And he is very attached to the Furby which is the only reason I can tolerate it talking. *g* Kids are so funny!

I feel like I've been sitting all afternoon and evening because I have, after running around all morning...must get better balance in my life...