October 22nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Friday ended up being something of a disaster, except it ended with everyone in pretty good moods. There was no school, so apaulled was going to take the afternoon off and we were going to take older son and a couple of friends mini-golfing as a late birthday outing (a party near his birthday being impossible as every kid he knows has sports, music or some other after school or weekend activity that made it difficult to find a time). It was pouring in the morning, so when we realized golf was out we called the two local bowling alleys that take lane reservations, only to find that both were booked. The others, which do not take reservations, said we should expect to wait awhile for a lane. Then one of the invited kids cancelled out due to some family obligation, and older son decided he didn't want to go anywhere in such a small group, but would rather play Adventure Quest with his brother.

So instead of going anywhere exciting, we went to California Tortilla for lunch (which he loves), then went to the card store nearby and got him a few packs of some new Magic decks -- or maybe they're old decks but he got sliver cards and something else he wanted to play tournaments at school. We also stopped in a bookstore and got some candy, then came home and watched Batman while playing Scrabble, which I was perfectly willing not to be competitive about but I picked charmed letters and finished almost 100 points ahead of him which I don't think made him very happy! apaulled stayed at work and I suspect he will be the next Scrabble opponent. *g* In the evening my parents wanted to take us out to dinner since they are going to California for a week, so we went to California Pizza Kitchen (restaurant name theme completely coincidental) and walked around the mall a bit.

Here's my "Space Seed" review: man I love that episode, the Kirk-Spock-McCoy repartee and Ricardo Montalban, despite the agony of having to watch McGivers. Threshold was again okay but uninspiring and the supposed government convolutions are even less credible than the science, but it's always neat to see the Smithsonian on a drama (though Caffrey was looking out at the Castle, the building she was sitting in front of when the camera was on her wasn't part of the Smithsonian and I don't think it's in DC). For the past two hours we have had some football game and then some preseason basketball game on but I have no clue who was playing. Everyone else probably found out about this before me, but I was so excited to be linked to the Ferret!Draco Goblet of Fire clip!

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