October 24th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Today after my kids got home from Hebrew school we went back to Homestead Farms to pick pumpkins. There was a big crowd for the hayrides out to the distant pumpkin patches, so instead of taking the long hayride, we walked through the barnyard animals, fed the goats, looked at the produce in the farm store and picked pumpkins from the nearer walking-distance patch. Since we were already out by Poolesville we also stopped at the various radio astronomy sites (the plaque for the discovery of Jupiter's magnetosphere and a controversial array set up by a private owner with several multi-story radio receivers). We also went to the Seneca Schoolhouse Museum, an 1865 one-room school built for 25 students, closed in 1910, converted into a home and reclaimed and restored in 1981.

Younger son had soccer in the afternoon and older son had a meltdown when we discovered that he had not done any work on his big social studies project, then required him to cancel a date to play video games with a friend so he could do the work. He moped noisily for over an hour but got a lot of work done and seemed to enjoy it (lots of web photo research) once he calmed himself down. We all watched The West Wing and Collapse )

Afterward we had intended to watch the World Series, but when we turned on the baseball game, Chicago was winning and within a few minutes they were losing, so we obeyed the superstition that requires that you keep doing whatever you were doing while your team was winning (eating, picking your nose, whatever) and we turned off the game! Instead, while folding laundry, I watched St. Ives which like so many things has a cast vastly better than the screenplay; there were many completely implausible twists and some really silly dialogue but also some bits that were completely hilarious, and with a cast including Jason Isaacs, Miranda Richardson, Anna Friel, Jean-Marc Barr and Michael Gough, how wrong can you go? The swordfight alone would make it worth seeing but my favorite moment, which is just so wrong, is Jason's character explaining to a prostitute that really she should pay him for the lessons he gave her. He's sleazy and evil and rrrowr!

And while we weren't looking, the White Sox pulled it out! YAY! snupin_prophet asked me to write something about myself as a fan writer and Snape/Lupin for the newsletter, so here it is. And I wrote "Unshielded" for lupin100 just because I could. So other than worrying about friends in the Keys and Miami, things are good -- please get out of town, folks, if you're in an area that's supposed to, okay? And they are warning us about possibly getting hit later in the week, and the storm bringing early snow to my sister's area. Oh, I need to come up with a game for my son's class for Halloween, something that doesn't cost much to set up and is not too juvenile for fourth graders -- anyone have any suggestions?

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