October 27th, 2005

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Poem for Thursday

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Again a distracted post while watching the World Series -- how did I start caring, when I haven't even lived in Chicago for more than ten years? Partly it's not just that I want Chicago to win but I want Houston to lose. Last World Series I was so happy that the Yankees had fallen, it seemed almost anticlimactic, but I hate the Astros as much as the Braves and more than the Giants! I even missed Veronica Mars and didn't "miss" it.

Had a birthday lunch with vertigo66...okay, so I was more than ten days late for her birthday, I tried! But I hadn't seen her in ages so it was lovely, and we had tom ka gai and pad see ew which always make me very happy. Spent the afternoon helping kids with homework (well, the younger one; I can no longer help the other one with math) and writing with ldybastet which is an addictive habit. *g* (Not even crackfic! Real fic!) Five days till NaNo and I am thinking, November is such a stupid month for this, I have family coming for Thanksgiving, I have school and holiday stuff to deal with, who picked November rather than January anyway, arrgh, it's not worth it. But I reserve the right to change my mind, again.

Y'all remember what I said about how I would take people who were loudly and vocally anti-choice off my friends list and good riddance? That goes TEN TIMES for people who want to defend the poor innocent Iranian president for calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. Collapse )

Wow. Some rants really are necessary. Sorry if that was really incoherent; I read some crap and I was too mad to be articulate. And while I was ranting, the White Sox won the World Series! Whooo! Icon from myhappyface, isn't it great? ST:TMP, that most underrated of K/S films!

Cinnamon grooms apaulled. She never does this to me, but every time he lays down on the floor to read or sits back on the couch, she comes over and licks and bites his hair, holding his head still if necessary with her paws. *g*
little review

Out of the Closet

George Takei discussed his sexual orientation with an interviewer, perhaps following the lead of Sheryl Swoopes.

This makes me very happy for him, as he is apparently finally comfortable enough with himself to talk about his personal life in public, and it also makes it a lot easier for me not to wonder whether I should dodge the question when people ask me whether he's gay, which has never been a secret among Trek folk but has also never been public news.