October 31st, 2005

little review

Poem for Halloween

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Sunday was as gorgeous as Saturday, clear and not too warm. Unfortunately there were many chores to be done, and why does the day after Daylight Savings Time ends always seem too short even though we gain an hour? I was up too late last night (1 a.m. though it was 2 a.m. as far as my body was concerned, we'd just turned the clocks early) looking at Mars, and then wide awake at 7:30 even though I could have slept another hour before the kids had to get ready for Hebrew school. I'm working in my younger son's classroom tomorrow with a Halloween project, forgot to buy glue today, must do that in the morning; had to get some stuff ready for that, and do some cleaning since we will have people in our hall all evening Monday evening -- we usually take turns trick-or-treating with the kids and giving out the candy at home. We haven't even carved the pumpkins!

In the evening I went with perkypaduan to a lovely Samhain celebration at beeej's house -- first Pagan ritual I've been to since I left Chicago more than ten years ago (since I've had children I've been more focused on the Jewish part of my Jewitchery). I really need to do that for the eight major holidays a year. I had a brief moment of wondering this morning whether I might be sending my kids a confusing message by going, since I keep telling them that I think the practices of Christianity and Judaism are incompatible when they ask whether we can be "both" so they can get Christmas presents -- the issues for them are completely materialistic, not theological -- and then this very morning Aish.com (which is far more traditional than I have ever been) posted an article on Witchcraft and Judaism that made me remember all the reasons Wicca and Judaism are not incompatible except in the names by which the God and Goddess are addressed. So when everyone else said Cerridwen/Hecate/Pomona, I said Shekinah, and all was well -- the people in the group are very friendly, supportive and welcoming and I felt very centered and whole afterward.

I have missed visiting beeej for Highlander pimping -- the moment I walked into her house and smelled the candles I immediately thought of Adrian Paul. *g* I have also missed her cooking; tonight she made fantastic chicken gumbo and there were cupcakes and cheeses and chips and chocolate...I ate very well. *g* beeej also decorates her house for Halloween more than anyone I know, and I love it! She showed us her new "TEH CLEX" license plates and then offered to show us the Smallville third season blooper reel (in which Michael Rosenbaum leans in to kiss John Glover) and it made me very nostalgic for our TV Wednesdays. I missed The West Wing because we were still in Virginia, and the kids were waiting for me when I got home so I put off watching Rome till Wednesday night.

In honor of Halloween, here are photos of the "Blair Witch Project" church and graveyard near Burkittsville, Maryland. This is the creepiest cemetery I have ever walked in, because the stones have been so ravaged (some have been uprooted from the ground entirely, some cracked, while some are jutting up with their bottoms visible). The ground was very soft this weekend after all the October rains and my feet kept sinking into the ground. I was terrified of stepping into an unmarked grave and left very quickly. The state is definitely aware that people stop here as a tourist destination, though, because while there was nowhere to park for a quarter mile last time we were up this way, there is now a pull-off with signs about the Civil War marches along Gapland Road directly across from the church.

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