November 2nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Kids were home because of a county teachers' day, we went out for Middle Eastern food and then over to Circuit City to get Revenge of the Sith (under the misapprehension from my husband that Circuit City was giving out Star Wars Pez dispensers, when in fact those cost $19 and they were only giving out posters; Best Buy was giving out lithographs, that might have been the better place to go!) We did not watch it because the kids had Hebrew school in the afternoon, and we didn't come home in any hurry -- the walk from lunch to Circuit City took us past both an aquarium store and a pet store and we stopped in both to see the fish and frogs and iguanas and snakes and birds and ferrets and hamsters and the rest. By the time we did get home I had many e-mails about Michael Piller's death in my inbox and knew how I was going to spend the rest of my afternoon.

Tonight because I needed to chill after writing the obit and talking to several people about Piller and Star Trek (two of whom are old friends I met because of Voyager -- why is it that it so often takes a death to remind me to write to certain people?), we had soup and cheese for dinner and watched Commander in Chief, which had a tighter script than previously though it still has a lot of gunk around the edges and I am coming to the slow conclusion that it isn't just that Rod is badly written, it's that Kyle Secor is not great in the role of Mackenzie's husband, and they need to write Donald Sutherland as slightly less of a heavy because it's starting to seem patronizing, like they don't think we'll respect the woman president unless there's a big political conspiracy working against her. That said, nothing could make me not like that show, whether it's "ripped from the headlines" hurricane and oil spill stuff or the excessive amount of time spent on Daughter #1's Amy Carter complex. Younger son had a meltdown in the middle of all this for reasons we could not figure out -- we think it may have something to do with the fact that he showed us his Chanukah wish list and we both said "Yeah right" about the hundred dollar Bionicle set, but he had to have known that that would be our response -- we said the same thing about the hundred dollar light up dragon last year and the hundred dollar Harry Potter Lego castle two years ago. We are very mean parents.

And finally the kids went to bed and there was Boston Legal! It was like two shows this week, and I am in love with them both: the serious legal drama and the SLASH CRACKFIC! The serious legal drama was David E. Kelley's screaming rant about the Iraq war, in the guise of a woman who wants to sue the National Guard on grounds of fraud after her brother was killed when he was forced to stay in Iraq in a position for which he was not trained. Spader made the speech about the Bush administration's crimes in this conflict and now I see why he's won two Emmys -- it's the contrast between the Shatner wannabe and the guy who can turn in this kind of performance in the courtroom. But as passionately as Alan Shore argued against the war, that's how passionately Denny Crane wanted him to drop the case, and I thought for a moment their love affair was going to be over! Collapse )

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