November 5th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Friday, because I went to bed too late and I got up too early, I had one of those days where I felt like I wasn't completely awake, and I had to write a review, so I took a couple of Excedrin in case my brain cloud decided to coalesce into a headache, which then made me jittery all afternoon while I was trying to write a coherent and not-too-excessively-slashy review of "This Side Of Paradise", so then this evening I indulged in some thin mint liqueur to see if that counteracted the jitters, which it did, so now I am all buzzed and mellow and goofy... *g* Collapse )

Had dinner with aforementioned mother and father, but otherwise my only major outing was to pick up older son from the bus and take both kids to a friend's house after school. Apparently Omar refuses to play over here anymore because I always make them go outside and get exercise! If I were his mother I would FORCE him to play over here for that reason but she works long hours and apparently just does not worry about it. I was just happy that my kids did not eat tons of Doritos as they sometimes do if I don't read them the riot act before they go over there. Parents brought me back very pretty silver and lapis earrings from Arizona, brought the kids Kokopelli pens and decks of cards, brought hubby chocolate, I definitely got the best of this deal and I didn't even bring their newspapers in because a neighbor beat me to it. Watched Threshold this evening, loved the religious use of alien revelation -- I always enjoyed those stories on The X-Files, where Scully's Catholicism and wanting to believe in that way came up against Mulder's relentlessly scientific wanting to believe in extraterrestrials -- and always love Gugino and Spiner. Plus the scripts are getting a little tighter. The show's on the fence, off the air for the next couple of weeks while CBS tries to bolster its Friday night sweeps ratings, haven't heard how it's doing overseas yet...I hope it survives till the end of the season at least.

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Fiver memes didn't inspire me this week -- people don't need to know my area code or my shoe size, I don't know what I'm insecure about that I haven't already blathered about in here at some point, and there really aren't any fannish characters I want to punch in the face because that's not my style. Saturday is younger son's last soccer game for the season, to be followed by ice cream party. The weather is supposed to be magnificent. I love it when that happens.