November 9th, 2005

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Poem for Wednesday

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Yay, Tim Kaine is the governor-elect of Virginia! I can't ask for more from an election day Tuesday than that! This makes me feel good on several counts -- it means his Republican opponent's smear campaign did not work, it means George Bush stumping for Jerry Kilgore did not help him since he finished closer in the polls a few days ago than he did when people voted...and Democrats took back a bunch of seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, which hopefully will stop that state's conservative slide since I was young and thought of it as more laissez-faire than Maryland, which has some pretty conservative laws on the books dating back a century or more. I can deal with a state with restrictions on liquor sales a lot more easily than a state with restrictions on gays and lesbians, though.

I meant to take a longer walk on this gorgeous day than the one I took, but I had laundries and carpools and one article on Jeri Ryan's restaurant and another article on Enterprise DVD reviews about which I can only say hurrah that that may be the last Trek review round-up ever, because those things take freakin' forever to write -- I have to read all the reviews, note the ratings the discs were given, get a feel for the overall review, find editor originally asked me to do three articles, one of which required getting a quote from someone who declined to give a quote, and all I could say was hurrah again because there was no way I was spending 3+ hours on Star Trek news! Kids had Hebrew school and it was California Tortilla spirit night for the public school afterward, so the hours around dinner were rather chaotic, but then I settled down with laundry and ABC's Tuesday night lineup which has tended to be a good thing.

Commander in Chief: Again, they need to stop with the OMG GIANT CONSPIRACIES oppressing poor Mackenzie because I really do start to get the feeling that they feel like they have to keep pulling her down so she can triumphantly rise above it each week. Okay, we get that she's tough and resourceful and her husband is pretty worthless and there are wicked people about -- now I would like to see her do the kinds of things we see Jed Bartlet do rather than keep defending herself against nasty Washington insider games. Perhaps this is unfair, as nasty Washington insider games are a hallmark of the current administration so this is perhaps realistic, but we lose enough time to her kids dealing with adolescent angst...there's almost no time left for actual issues!

And then Boston Legal -- you know, I love Threshold and it will pain me not to watch it when it airs, but I am not giving up my Shatner/Spader fix (tonight's Spader/Valley fix wasn't bad either). I learned from Boston Legal Unofficial that Shatner said on The Tony Danza Show that the producers had offered Leonard Nimoy a part but he insisted that he had retired, and Shatner was very disappointed...him and me both! But perhaps it is better if my Shatner/Nimoy OTP does not detract from my Shatner/Spader OTP anyway, because Collapse )

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