November 12th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Another evening of being incredibly pissed about family stuff (my side this time, and really so much worse than my husband's), so I'll just stick in another locked post and rant there. Since my day started with an early orthodontist appointment, continued through carpooling in several different directions and stopping at CVS and exciting things like that, the high point was a conversation with ldybastet in which we decided that we wanted to be handmaidens (known as "MarySues") in the Shrine of Lucius' Serpent and worship and adore and kiss the snake whenever it was offered to us. Needless to say, no actual fic got written, just descriptions of the proper way to bathe and adorn and stroke said snake.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a review of "The Devil in the Dark" which is pretty straightforward about how slashy it is, only without using the word "gay" and arousing the fury of the fan boys who can't even deal with there being gay characters in some of the Trek novels (someone posted a hilarious fake rant on the BBS about the heterosexual agenda in other novels, where Riker and Troi are married which clearly represents the author imposing his values on everyone else -- sad thing was, a lot of people didn't get it).

Sadly there is no fannish5 today, so let's have some other silly distracting memes.

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Tomorrow we might hike on Sugarloaf or at Scott's Run, or we might go look at new televisions, or we might do both. Or, you know, I might hide under a rock.

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