November 14th, 2005

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Poem for Monday

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Instead of going hiking today -- we had thought about going to Scott's Run -- we ended up looking at televisions for most of the afternoon. I'm still not sure what we're buying. Do we get the HDTV-capable widescreen that is at the very outer limits of our budget even for a not very big one? Do we get one that's close to the one we had, not widescreen, since we're not planning to get HDTV right now anyway, on the theory that maybe we will be able to afford a better one when we are ready to get HDTV, or is that silly? My father very nearly accompanied us, having dropped over to say hello, which he never does -- my mother was out shopping at the synagogue holiday boutique, the kids had run into her there with her friends on the way out of Hebrew school, I am not sure if this means they are still not speaking or just decided to go their separate ways or what. Sigh.

Star Trek news this weekend was fun -- I got to write for TrekToday about George Takei's reaction to reactions to his coming out and Dominic Keating announcing that you haven't really gone to public school in Britain until, as Winston Churchill said, you've had sex with other boys, plus Leonard Nimoy swearing he's done with acting and the development of PHaSR -- a laser weapon designed to temporarily blind enemies of the US armed forces that violates a UN protocol against such weapons. I need to break the news to my editor that my review this Friday will either be early or late, as I am going to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my girlfriends and will not be deterred.

Watched part one of The Virgin Queen on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS tonight, but wasn't all that impressed -- the casting was excellent and the acting was great but given the focus of the screenplay, they might as well have called it The Rise of Robert Dudley. It certainly didn't do Elizabeth any favors and will not make anyone forget Cate Blanchett playing the maybe-not-totally-a-virgin-but-still-probably-by-Bill-Clinton-standards queen. Beautifully filmed, however, and made me nostalgic for Greenwich and Westminster and places we visited last spring. Speaking of beautiful places, here's some more Sugarloaf Mountain, though I still haven't sized all of the photos:

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