November 15th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a Monday that was far more hectic than I was anticipating, thanks to a couple of transportation disasters, a couple of miscommunications with kids and a major roadway shutdown for reasons I still do not know. Had a lovely lunch with beeej who brought me audiocassettes and we had Indian food, then came home in what I thought was good time but there were cops everywhere. I had considered staying in Virginia and shopping a bit because my younger son had Mad Science in the afternoon, and it's a good thing I came home because I got here at the same time he did and had to remind him to go running back to school...good thing it's walking distance! Just then older son called requesting a ride home from the bus stop -- the one further from our house, not the one where he usually gets off to walk -- because his stomach felt strange. So I went tearing out to get him, passing even more police cars, only to have his bus arrive very late because it had to avoid a major road shutdown. This was apparently where all the police were headed but I still have no idea why.

Evening was thus very hectic, as I didn't get back here with both kids till late (I went to get younger one after Mad Science in case it was something like a criminal escaped from custody or another nut at the mall), and older son had fencing...rushed through dinner, got indigestion, sat around queasily for awhile. Didn't manage to finish my work because the file I needed to download wouldn't finish downloading (still hasn't, and I am shutting off the computer to go to can get their shit together tomorrow). Was cranky. Evening was quieter...I updated a bunch of web pages, mostly photos that anyone who reads this will already have seen here, and half-watched the Philly-Dallas game which it looks like Dallas may pull out, unfortunately. Saw this article on probable Aquaman series, not a Smallville spinoff necessarily but I bet it ends up being one, which I guess is okay with me though I hope it's true they're going to do a talent search for a lead actor because pecs alone will not carry a series.

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