November 17th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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California Tortilla had free turkey chili Wednesday with any entree, so we went out to dinner there and I hadn't imagined there would be enough tryptophan in turkey chili to make a difference, especially since I had caffeinated Cherry Coke with the food, but I cannot keep my eyes open and I have one of the early mornings tomorrow so forgive any incoherency. Went out to do a couple of chores Wednesday -- had to return DVDs to the library but they were paving the main parking lot in front of the library and I got somewhat lost on the back streets trying to find the way to the rear entrance. Returned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Brideshead Revisited, found Ragtime and Persuasion -- somehow I did not realize the public library had so many good DVDs! The heck with Blockbuster from now on.

From there I went to the post office, where I had the unexpected pleasure of running into vertigo66. Then I went to the mall to get gifts for a couple of people overseas that have to be mailed soon, stopped in Bath & Body Works to use a coupon for a free lip gloss and found a cute little faux suede bag with a trio of my favorite shower gel and lotion for less than they would have cost without the bag (originally not the scent I wanted but the saleswoman swapped them for me -- they are very nice about that, and she let me use two coupons). In the hour between leaving the post office and leaving the mall, fall finally arrived; it had been 75 degrees when I left the house in the morning, comical for mid-November, and had dropped into the 50s by the time my kids got out of school. It was also thunderstorming, so I went to pick them both up. Is there a word for that feeling of exhilaration you get right as a thunderstorm hits and the air gets ionized? Maybe I am so tired now because I was so energized before.

We went out for the aforementioned free chili, then the kids finished homework and watched SpongeBob and I read some more of The Historian which I am taking slowly, both because I am enjoying it and because I end up with so little time to read. When they went to bed I folded laundry and watched Rome, which is sadly almost over. Collapse ) When's the DVD set out?

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