November 18th, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Not much to report, as I spent Thursday getting all manner of work done so that Friday I can go to an early showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with gblvr, vertigo66, perkypaduan and neotoma. This was not easy as my cable was out all morning and part of the afternoon, so I posted TrekToday articles as quickly as I could (fairly nice if self-aggrandizing recollection of Michael Piller by Ron Moore, for which I do not fault Moore overmuch because pretty much every recollection of Piller I read by a former Star Trek insider could be described as self-aggrandizing except perhaps Wil Wheaton's), and Patrick Stewart reviving A Christmas Carol in London where I really wish I could go see him. Watched and started writing up "Errand of Mercy" to post after the movie, since I doubt I will be coherent about Star Trek when I want to talk about Harry Potter; also watched Smallville, which was, as is so often the case, bad but entertaining. Collapse )

I came totally unblocked today on a holiday gift exchange I need to write, with only one problem...the draft I have is nearly 6,000 words plus notes, could easily be 30,000 before it's done, and it ain't going to be done by the deadline at the end of this month even if I neglect all my other holiday gift exchanges and everything else. What should I do -- leave an anonymous note asking the intended recipient if she would mind unfinished but long and plotty fic with an IOU? Ask the person running the exchange whether I can give the recipient something unfinished or whether I should drop out? Just drop out, and write it in my own time so I don't stress about it? And on a completely unrelated note, as I asked ldybastet, would Snape/Trelawney/Lupin/Squid fic be abbreviated Stupid?

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