December 10th, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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We got almost four inches of snow overnight with freezing rain on top that made it crust over, so even though it was mostly cleared off the roads by 10 a.m., the kids had no school. We had a quiet morning -- apaulled worked from home and did two phone conferences while the kids played down the basement -- then I had to go have blood tests and got apaulled to drive me, because I hate driving in snow and have been known to pass out on occasion. Kids went to a friend's house and ended up staying most of the afternoon, so apaulled went in to work for a few hours and I came home and wrote a review of "Operation: Annihilate", which is an episode I enjoy but isn't really one I would describe as good.

We had dinner with my parents. It being almost my birthday but my diet being restricted, my mother asked me what I wanted and I told her chicken slop (i.e. boiled and shredded chicken in cream mixed with chicken soup) in flaky pastry shells and nubian chocolate roll. So I had comfort food instead of exotic food, but that was perfectly fine with me. I had told parents not to get me gifts as I really wanted was money for a camera, so I got mostly little stuff -- Bath & Body Works lotion, a silver necklace and a check. *g* They are babysitting younger son tomorrow night while older son is at the Hebrew school sleepover he is now protesting with all his might, claiming that he will be so bored he won't be able to sleep and it will mess up his body and his grades will go down and he might not be able to stay in the magnet program. Apparently there is no particular thing he is avoiding -- it's not that kids are being mean or anything -- he just doesn't want to spend lots of hours working on community service projects and playing Hebrew games when he could be, you know, playing video games or something.

We watched Cinderella Man tonight and while I admit I am biased where Russell Crowe is concerned, I thoroughly loved it once again even though it's a boxing movie and really thought the whole cast was superb; the screenplay still has its weaknesses and it still has all of Ron Howard's typical cliches, but these do not particularly detract from my enjoyment. Older son sat and watched and paid attention (as opposed to reading and playing Pirates of the Spanish Main and fidgeting and all those things he often does while watching movies on TV), and younger son would have if he had not had to go to bed partway through, which is neat because they both already saw the movie in the theater and they won't always watch a movie twice unless it's a SpongeBob special or something. Am trying to decide whether I want to see Syriana tomorrow or whether that is likely to depress or agitate me so perhaps I should go buy Mr. & Mrs. Smith or something shallow instead for entertainment!

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My new slippers that my husband got me while he was ordering himself shirts from JCPenney. (He was going to get the yellow cats that look like Rosie, but they were sold out!) Collapse )
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