December 12th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Have had lovely, exhausting birthday. Saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but am going to withhhold comments until I draft my review for GMR, had lunch with my parents and dinner at Bilbo Baggins in Alexandria, watched Detroit-Green Bay with hubby, am delightfully full and very tired! No physical presents other than a couple of CDs -- I asked my family for money so that I can get a Nikon D50. Suspect I am going to be a hundred or so dollars short of what I can afford even after Chanukah; do we think there is any hope that Nikon will drop their prices in January? Having just bought a television for the family, I cannot get away with much for me!

I did get wonderful written presents, however -- lots of greetings (thanks so much everyone here who sent them) and fic! (Listed in locked entry so people who shouldn't see it won't!) I just have to share this: half_elf_lost noted that the Forbes Fictional 15 list includes several of my fantasy boyfriends/girlfriends, includes Lex Luthor, Lara Croft, Cruella De Vil and Lucius Malfoy! (Bruce Wayne and Willy Wonka too, although I wouldn't date either of them even if they look like Christian Bale and Johnny Depp and are worth a fortune.) Hee!

My kids made me cards, one involving a penguin and our cat Rosie (younger son) and one involving Kirby (older son). And apaulled made me a crossover slashy Boston Legal/Star Trek card!

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