December 21st, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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All our packages with calendars, CDs, etc. are done and in the mail! We are finished with our holiday stuff! Yay! And in better news, the dryer is (knock wood) still working! But in the best news of all (knock wood again, toss salt over shoulder), no one broke anything, came home sick with anything or threw up anything! So although I am still a bear of very little voice, I can rejoice, because I am getting the stitches out of my back tomorrow and then I will be able to shower whenever I want. Ooh, and thank you, ldybastet, for my birthday/Chanukah present which I wore all afternoon! *smooch*

Otherwise all I did today was the usual Tuesday carpool, burning the last CDs to be mailed, articles on Ron Moore and an actor who was in the Augments arc, betaing, finishing crackfic, trying to do something with my last holiday exchange which is thankfully short but unpleasantly stubborn, taking photos of my cat on top of the television before ordering her to get down, notes on an article on Peter Pan films for Green Man, a bit of reading Dava Sobel's The Planets, a bit of watching the New Orleans Bowl and the aforementioned laundry. And: Collapse )

I've been avoiding talking about politics because I am so, so, so sick of people telling me what it is or is not fair to express in my own damn journal, but I do want to apologize once more to the citizens of the world for not having done enough to stop the criminals and idiots currently in the US government from getting away with all the things they are still, beyond all reason or comprehension, getting away with. Having grown up during Watergate, it is astonishing to me to have a president who makes Nixon's crimes look relatively small-scale, who almost makes me miss Reagan's tiny little foreign invasions. How, from where we were, have we sunk to this? There must be more we can do than signing endless ACLU and PFAW petitions and writing our representatives and ranting in blogs. There must be some way to talk sense to the people who voted to reelect this administration. If not, I don't know what I'm doing in this country.

Dove and cardinal in the trees in our backyard in the snow last week.