January 8th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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My two major events for the day were going to Silver Spring to see perkypaduan, who is going to need lots of entertainment when she is out of the hospital (so those of you reading this who know her, if you have audio files, smut or hot men, save some for her), then watching the football playoffs which I'm afraid are going to prevent me from having any personal TV time over the next few weekends. The Redskins game was great -- it was a tough defensive battle in which turnovers made a much bigger difference than the Redskins offense, which had only 25 passing yards, which has to be some kind of low record at least since the Riggins era. But four hours of football are about all I can take in a day, and it took forever for the Patriots to put Jacksonville out of its misery and I wished I could put on a movie!

I did have The Mission on briefly this morning to see how the stereo sound was coming through the new DVD player, since it has my favorite-ever soundtrack, and the kids both got interested despite the fact that they had friends over and were in a hot Nintendo DS competition of some sort. That early shot of the crucified priest going over the waterfall is not easily forgettable, and they appreciated the music as much as I do (having been subjected to repeated playings of "Nella Fantasia" since I got the recording!) Sooner or later we must all watch that together, but this morning's main attraction was Madagascar since we had a houseful of kids and since it has penguins. We made the mistake of suggesting our younger son read Mr. Popper's Penguins and now he wants to know why we can't have an ice rink in the basement and twelve penguins.

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