January 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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Sunday I worked while the kids were at Hebrew school, translating a rather interesting Patrick Stewart interview -- I will not be sorry when his latest round of publicity is over with and I don't have to cover whatever he babbled about four out of seven days a week, and I can't imagine that even the biggest geeks reading TrekToday are that interested -- I was tempted to turn a Nana Visitor news bullet into an article just for variety and because she's always interesting and engaged with the people she works with, rather than talking like it's all about her, but I had enough work to do already -- but I must say that I always enjoy Stewart's Bush-and-Schwarzenegger-bashing and his using not wanting to pay taxes to such administrations as a reason for having moved back to Britain.

When the kids got home, we all watched football together again...well, some people watched while some people sat at their computers and nodded occasionally toward the television and wrote smut. But we had family bonding over the Giants shutout, at least. I had intended to visit perkypaduan afterward on the way to the Garden of Lights at Wheaton Regional Park, but she begged off due to exhaustion, so we went straight to Brookside Gardens and walked through on the last night of the winter light show, which was lovely, though some year I hope to see it with a bit of snow on the ground.

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It was late by the time we left and we hadn't made it to the grocery store, so we had California Tortilla for dinner. At night we watched The West Wing with Martin Sheen's lovely, sad tribute to John Spencer, and I was glad it was such a great Leo episode...I love him and Annabeth together now that Annabeth/Toby appears to be an utter impossibility, and I was sorry that there wasn't more alone time for Leo and her as well as Leo and Josh. But I knew he was going to remember that he was smarter than the people running the campaign, and I enjoyed that storyline more than the Santos' domestic crises which I feel like we've seen before; they're writing Helen way too one-note too often and her interactions with Donna all felt really forced, like they needed to come up with something for Donna to do so they gave her that. The local PBS station had Henry VIII on afterward, and we let the kids stay up late because they really wanted to watch...it's really too old for them in terms of both the violence and the sexual politics but I love that my kids know so much English history and are so interested in it.