January 12th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Son was much better Wednesday -- didn't throw up once, had three bowls of soup and a few pieces of toast and lots of Gatorade and his mood and color were greatly improved, thanks so much everyone who asked -- but I was stuck in the house all day so I am a little stir-crazy and cranky, for which I apologize. *g* We watched the extended edition of The Return of the King this morning, which was quite enjoyable though I really didn't get to sit much as I was doing laundry, making aforementioned soup etc., trying to write articles for work and cutting up fraction squares for younger son's class at school. Amazon.com saved me by delivering the third book in the Bartimaeus Trilogy for older son and making of March of the Penguins for younger son so at least the kids could be kept from going stir-crazy in the late afternoon pouring rain, and my mother picked up younger son so I didn't have to abandon the older one to fetch him. We are making plans to see penguins this summer in Cincinnati, where both the zoo and the aquarium have them. Oh, and we have baby panda tickets for the National Zoo! They put some more on their web site today. Yay!

When the kids finally went to bed, which they did none too early because they were stir-crazy too, I put on Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills because I was just so in the mood for it. Mwahaha! My tape is in shitty condition and much of the nudity was blurry but ask me if I care. It's such a great cast and it's just bitchy enough without being really nasty to fit my mood. It freaks me out a little seeing Rebecca Schaeffer, who is the reason stalking a celebrity is now a felony, having been killed at 21 by a psychotic fan. But, you know, Robert Beltran shirtless for that long...yum. Oh, had totally forgotten yesterday to link to this (warning: political blasphemy and Brokeback Mountain parody). My uncle sent it to me and it made me howl and howl. Plus it made half_elf_lost pee her pants. This is for her!

Whenever I do a poll asking how I should do something, hoping for something close to a consensus, I always end up getting a very nearly perfectly split vote. *g* Posting Tarot cards in bulk had the most votes, while posting daily either in daily entries or in separate entries was right behind. So I think I am going to compromise: I am going to post in bulk, but instead of doing five great big posts that will take forever to load, I am going to split the Major Arcana in thirds and post it over three days, then post each set of four court cards and ten numeric cards in separate posts. So that will be eleven in all -- more than double my original thought of five, but still a lot less than 78.

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Tomorrow I have my early morning because apaulled has his phone conference for work, so I will have an extra-long day stuck at home! Eeeee!