January 13th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Son was much better Thursday but we decided to keep him home another day; he's still eaten almost no solid food, had been spending a long time on the toilet because his intenstines were irritated and he has to get up so early to catch the bus across the county that we thought it wasn't worth risking him getting sick again. Our original plans for this weekend were to visit my sister in New York, but she and her family are going to Florida unexpectedly, so we will take it somewhat easier around here and maybe go to the National Aquarium to see the new Australia exhibit and the National Zoo to see the pandas. Of course, as soon as he started to get better and I thought I could get out of the house for awhile, apaulled called to tell me that when he went out at lunchtime to get Gatorade, his van started making horrible noises and the "Service Vehicle" light went on...now that van is at the dealer and I will be without transportation! I believe that the lovely juleskicks and her mother are going to shlep up here anyway, to my great joy, because I will not see her for far too long once she leaves for England.

Tonight after I got done schlepping to the dealer to pick up apaulled, I took a walk in the gorgeous nearly-60-degree weather. The sun was setting, there was a nearly-full moon hovering on the horizon and on the path into the woods I saw two deer who stood and stared at me until I was quite close to them. Of course, I did not have my camera, only my mp3 player, but I bet that if I had had the camera, I might not have seen all this loveliness, so it's all good. In the evening we all watched "Mirror, Mirror" which I need to review tomorrow (oh, the camp, the slash, the costumes, the fun!) and Smallville, which I just don't enjoy the same way I did now that I must listen to Clark and Lana's romantic tribulations and rarely get the Clex I crave, but I do have a wish list: Collapse )

Tethys and Oceanus in a Roman mosaic from the ruins of Antioch at the Baltimore Museum of Art.