January 14th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I would have had a frustrating day stuck at home, but juleskicks and lohowarose came and rescued me and took me out for excellent local Italian food! I am very sad that juleskicks is leaving for London for several months, although very happy for her, as this means that I will not see her and have fun times yakking about fandom and the internet and nerdish things. *G* We had dinner with my parents so I ate very well all day today...after managing not to gain weight over the holidays, watch me blow it in January! Speaking of diet...

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Otherwise I reviewed "Mirror, Mirror", waited to see how older son was after first day back at school and discovered that he had a field trip to Medieval Times that we had both thought was next week...he went from lying on his back to jousting and roast chicken! He was exhausted and a little queasy tonight, which is totally understandable...I don't know whether to feel badly that I sent him to school unawares, or be glad that I did not deprive him of the experience as he seems to have enjoyed it despite crashing tonight.

The base of the Washington Monument on the last day of 2005, with the cement barriers finally down, surrounded by the flags of the 50 states. I liked the dark shapes of the trees in this.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go see perkypaduan since I have not been able to for the past few days, and in the afternoon, the Redskins are playing the Seahawks, so we will all be clustered around the television!