January 17th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Monday morning we got up early, even though it was a holiday, to drive downtown and see one of the cutest things I have ever seen:

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We didn't want to deal with the Metro with a recently sick child, so we drove down early to make sure we could get parking (we're zoo members, so it's free) and spent a few hours walking around the rest of the zoo before our alloted time to see the panda cub. I brought my new camera so I could test out doing some things with it, and I have many great outdoor photos, some decent through-glass indoor reptile photos and some rather mediocre bird house photos, but all in all I was very happy with the camera and I just need how to use it better. I am sure the panda photos would be better if I had one of those monster telephotos that some of the people were carrying and if I had brought a tripod that required shoving small children out of the way to set up, but I am just as happy to have gotten such good photos with my D50 and its basic lens without being so burdened!

We didn't get home till quite late in the afternoon, at which point I rushed to write some Star Trek news (new game, new New Voyages stuff, nothing that really excited me) and then it was dinnertime. In the evening I watched the Golden Globes, partly in case there was anything that needed covering Star Trek or Desperate Housewives-wise and partly just for the fun of it. I had no idea so many of my imaginary boyfriends and girlfriends were planning to attend so it was a nice surprise to turn on the TV and see Russell Crowe grinning at me. And I was mostly pretty happy with the results and the show...mostly. Collapse ) May I just notice that Cynthia Nixon looked phenomenal, and didn't she come out this year, and can she be my new female lust object since Glenn Close didn't show up and if she did I probably wouldn't recognize her, she's had her face remade so many times?

Heh. Meeeeeow. (ldybastet, I know you understand!) Must get to bed now as I have an early morning tomorrow...shall catch up on comments, letters, etc. tomorrow. Someone tell me how the History Channel Lincoln biography thing was, as I am probably taping it at 1 a.m.!