January 18th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Had very hectic day and am very tired. Am going to skip the details and go straight to the squee so I can get to bed. I watched Commander in Chief distracted because older son was having a meltdown -- after missing several days of school with stomach flu, he now has lots of catch-up work that is seriously impeding his video game plans and Simpsons-watching -- have decided to badger his teachers incessantly after watching Boston Legal until he gets all "A"s. *snerk* Oh, CiC was really quite enjoyable, Templeton and Allen interacting much less along cliched lines and even her husband sounding smart for a change (I think it helps that there was no major B plot involving the kids, too, but they were supporting players). But what always makes my Tuesday night is Boston Legal and the Alan/Denny love. Collapse )

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I suppose I would rather it be that time of the month than not be that time of the month, because the reasons for missing that time of the month are much scarier than just dealing with the time of the month, but man, sometimes I really wish I could just SKIP that time of the month. (And I've been told that, since I get migraines, every-four-months is not an option!) Sigh. Off to sulk.